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NEEM cake contains exactly the values ​​of N-P-K (nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium) required for plant growth. Since it is 100% vegetable, it contains natural N-P-K and natural micro-nutrients. It is also rich in sulfur compounds and limonoids.

NEEM cake has become known as the cleverest fertilizer in the world, the king among organic fertilizers, and is indispensable for natural planting.

The extraction takes place according to the PATENTED traditional process, without heating, chemicals and petrochemical substances, therefore all nutritional properties are preserved in the fertilizer.

Composition: Dried seeds of the neem tree (100%).

  • Nutrient content:

  • Nitrogen: 3.9%

  • Phosphorus 1.0%

  • Potassium 2.6%

  • Sulfur 1.2%

  • Organic substance in dry matter 79%


100% natural organic fertilizer with no withdrawal period suitable for all types of plants, which increases soil fertility, improves microflora, development and growth of the roots and the organic value of the soil.

It contains a high value of N-P-K in organic form, therefore it reduces the alkalinity of the soil, increases the quantity and quality of the crop and is 100% compatible with the microbes in the soil.

It is the only fertilizer on the market with vegan certificate and environment, human and useful animals harmless.

Due to the specific smell of barley coffee and bitter taste, it increases the number of earthworms in the soil and prevents the occurrence of ground pests such as strings, snails, Maya field beetles, Colorado beetles, fly frogs (olive, cherry, walnut and others).

Use and storage

NEEM cake is a universal fertilizer used for fertilizing vegetables, berries, fruit trees, shellfish, vines, ornamental room and balcony plants, shrubs, perennials and annuals.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Fertilizer is also suitable for use in organic farming.



Keep the fertilizer tightly closed in the dark place.

Shelf life: at least 18 months from the date of packaging

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