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Bio-ZEL is a widely used 100% natural organic herbal preparation, which replaces the use of copper preparations and lime-soda broth.

Bio-ZEL contains a natural mixture of herbs harvested at ecological highlands. It is without artificial additives or stimulants. It is intended to raise the health and resistance of plants, effectively acting on the presence of mites, fungi and disease states.

Acquisition takes place according to the BIODINAMIC ECOLOGICAL traditional process of cooking herbal teas, without the presence of chemicals and petrochemical substances, and more than one year maturing before use, therefore all the nutritional properties and active herbal advantages are preserved.

Composition: Carefully selected mixture of handmade herbs: black caraway, wormwood, nettle, arnica.


100% natural organic tea herb blend with no recession, replacing copper blends and unlike heavy metals, it is not loaded in the soil.

Regular use in combination with other TERRA fertilizers effectively prevents attacks of diseases, pests and weather effects.

It is the only fertilizer on the market with a vegan certificate and environment, human and useful animals harmless (pollinators such as bees, pickles ...).

Plants effectively supply nutrients, strengthen the functioning of other TERRA ecological assets and act as an effective preventive against diseases and pests such as potato molding on tomatoes, rose roses, powdery mildew and other diseases, the occurrence of migrants, ears and many other pests.

Use and storage

Bio-ZEL is a 100% natural organic herbal preparation suitable for spraying and watering vegetables, berries, fruit trees, ornamental trees, shellfish, citrus fruits, vines and all types of room, balcony flowers, shrubs, perennials and annuals.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Fertilizer is also suitable for use in organic farming!



Keep the fertilizer tightly closed in the dark place (it must not be exposed to direct sunlight), at a temperature above 5 ° C (it must not be frozen). We keep it out of reach of children.

 Shelf life: at least 24 months from the date of packaging.

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